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yo loli homeslice ^0^

Hi, my name is Nikki and I live in NY, about an hour outside the city. I love EGL/EGA style, although I don't dress to the nines very often. Aya is my fashion hero. He sure knows how to have fun XD
Great to finally have a local community of our own. Nice to meet you!
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Omigosh, fresh blood! ^_________^ *glomps you*

Ahem. Welcome to the community!! Earm... I'm not sure where Menthi [Naz] is; I think she's still in Pennsylvania, but when she gets back, I am sure she will obsess over Aya-sama with you. :P She idolizes him as well-- who wouldn't...? XD Anyhow, welcome, again! Leave your address and phone number so we can stal-- err... Invite you for a tea party.

Just kidding. XD
Feel free to write to me at bluecanary71@hotmail.com
Or you can just friend me and I'll friend you back ^^v
Wow, nice to see a new member. *glomps you* Welcome welcome!