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...Good things for Loli-chan!...

I have websites for all you Loli-chan out there! Don't worry, I'll tell you what I like about them so you can peruse them more efficiently. ^_^

Gothic and Lolita Paradise This site used to have recipies. ;_; The site was then updated, but it's cute and there are a few pictures up. Also, it has the pattern for a simple but lovely bit of lolita clothing.

Candy Fruit This is a Japanese lolita site, but they sell to the US and have an English version of the page. Rejoice, because it's all also really, really cute. Also, the homepage picture has a caption that reads "Sends to the maid dress lover in the world from Japan. It is the highest-class maid dress of a prejudice to you." Gotta love that. "As for the page, somewhere is updated every day."

Blue Period Blue Period is a comprehensive lolita site, in English, for English-speaking Loli-chan. They also have a long links list and scans from the Bible. (The Gothic and Lolita Bible, of course!)

Crosses and Petticoats Another good comprehensive site, with a MASSIVE links list to alot of Japanese brands, sorted by style (i.e.--Goth, Lolita, EGL, ect.).

Gothic Lolita In Italian. This site has pictures, but that's all I could determine before it crapped out on me. Anyway, some of those pictures are of ko-gals, the antithesis of lolita, but it's always good to be reminded of what you are not.

Innocent World A lovely brand that's very, very kawaii. Japanese.

If I find any more, I'll post them up here! Ta, darlings~! And remember: lace is your best friend!

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